Monday, 30 July 2012

Free Membership on Club Penguin!

I found a way to get a free unlimited 7-day membership on club penguin! Just go to this link and it will show you a video how to get one, it will also include a link going there. There will be no surveys or downloads required. Enjoy!

NOTE: This a trial offered by Disney, and it's currently not working. So why not enter a contest called Antic Arctics where you have to win a 6-month membership. Here's the link to go there: Thanks!

CP Membership

Club Penguin is fun but what would be more fun is getting membership! Right? If you want to buy membership, click here: But if you have a club penguin gift certificate or you want to activate your member card, click here: .

Club Penguin

Hello! If you have your own club penguin account, you can add me my username is cadence23501 but if you know what club penguin is but you don't have an account, you can create your own penguin here: .